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2018 Rally Australia – Location Photos

Elfyn Evans and Daniel Barritt have been rightly heralded ‘team mates of the year’ – playing a significant role as Sébastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia defended their FIA World Rally Championships today.

The Brits played their part selflessly this weekend – handed the Frenchmen a more advantageous road position at detriment to themselves, and showing good speed despite the looser conditions they had to contend with as a result.

When road cleaning wasn’t a contributing factor, Evans showed his pace and set a string of top times through the super special stages.

It’s not been the season the Welshman had hoped for, but he has shown his speed and played his role admirably – helping the team defend two of their FIA World Rally Championships.

FINAL RESULT: 6th Position
Stage Performances:

SS1: 7th (+2.5)
SS2: 8th (+4.3)
SS3: 7th (+11.6)
SS4: 10th (+2.8)
SS5: 9th (+3.6)
SS6: 8th (+26.9)
SS7: 4th (+1.9)
SS8: 6th (+1.6)
SS9: 9th (+10.6)
SS10: 10th (+31.3)
SS11: 7th (+14.6)
SS12: =1st
SS13: 10th (+9.1)
SS14: 10th (+23.7)
SS15: 8th (+11.8)
SS16: 2nd (+0.6)
SS17: =6th (+2.4)
SS18: 3rd (+0.9)
SS19: 7th (+18.0)
SS20: 5th (+3.7)
SS21: 8th (+4.2)
SS22: 8th (+17.2)
SS23: 8th (+41.8)
SS24: 4th (+3.0)

Elfyn said:

This is a team sport as well as an individual one and we had to play our part to give Seb the best possible position going into the weekend. We’re all competitors and we all want to compete, but we’re also here to do a job for the team and we have to respect that.

So congratulations to Seb, Julien and the whole team. I’m glad they were able to secure this one and – even though it wasn’t always easy – I’m glad we were able to help them where we could. Obviously for various reasons our season didn’t go the way we wanted it to, but the speed was there and hopefully we’ll have a chance to prove that again next year.

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15th - 18th November 2018


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